The Last Of Us: Left Behind?


For anyone who who says video games are not an art form, PLAY THIS PIECE OF SHEER EPICNESS and then come back to me.

HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY (or Valentine’s Day for those of you with significant others)!!!
Here’s a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. It sounds almost nothing like the original… which is a good thing.

The Weirdest Thing…

…is having your own music pop up on “Shuffle”. I wasn’t expecting it at all. Freaked me out. Now, it’s YOUR turn to listen to my band

My little musical project known as F For Effort put out its debut album a little over a month ago. Here’s a little teaser so you can sample the songs whilst watching a pretentious video of out-of-focus, shakycam, heavily-filtered artsy-ness.

If you like what you hear, go on over to F For Effort’s Bandcamp page and download it. Share it with your friends. And then join the Family.

If you don’t like it… WHATEVER.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you FIERCE SWEATER. 13 tracks of indiecore/pop punk deliciousness for your enjoyment.

Album Update

Next month, I’ll be self-releasing F For Effort’s debut album, “Fierce Sweater”. It’s going to be a good 13 songs that will speed by in 38 minutes.
It’s probably going to be a digital download (for now). I’ll spam everyone’s news feeds when the album is out.

I Have A Million And Four Things To Do This Week…

But all I can think about is the next time I will be blessed to see you. I close my eyes and all I can picture is you. Today was one of the best days of my life. Thank you for making it so incredible. I know you didn’t realize it at the time.

Until next time, my friend.

Uh oh…

MAJOR butterflies going crazy in my stomach cuz I get to see you again tonight.
And this will be incredibly embarrassing if you stumble upon this.

Wrote two stories (plot summaries, that is) and half a song today after a week full of craziness (in a good way). I’d call that success.

Talk to any of my exes. This is PROBABLY why they are my exes.

Talk to any of my exes. This is PROBABLY why they are my exes.

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Listening to some live recordings of my old band…

We SUCKED. I guess that’s why people came to our shows, just to see how we’d screw up EVERY SINGLE SONG.

Good times.

Don’t tell my ex-bandmates, but I’m totally missing those TNC days.

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Listened to the tracks in order for the first time…

STOKED for the world to hear this.
All I gotta do now is record a few vocal takes, put in some guest vocals (well, find some guest vocalists first), and make the whole darn thing sound pretty.